New Delta Inverters Listed Under APsmart PV Rapid Shutdown certifications

APsmart proudly announces that new Delta Inverters are now listed under its Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS) Solution SunSpec standard compliance.

A total of 9 new inverter models were testing by CSA and certified for use with APsmart’s Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Equipment (PVRSE) solutions. Among them is Delta’s single-phase inverter, ideal for residential solutions. The following inverter models have been added:

  • E10_BDI
  • E8_BDI
  • E6_BDI
  • E4_BDI
  • E10-TL-US
  • E8 Plus-TL-US
  • EC8-US
  • EC6-US
  • EC4-US

APsmart continues to expand its network of certified inverters, giving customers more choices from the ever-growing list of compatible inverters with APsmart’s PVRSE. All inverters on the APsmart compatibility list have been tested with APsmart’s rapid shutdown devices, including the RSD-S, RSD-D and Transmitter, in order to qualify for listing.

APsmart Rapid Shutdown solutions are now compatible with more than 160 inverter models from 14 unique brands, including CHINT, CSI, Delta, FIMER, Fronius, Goodwe, Growatt, LG, POMcube, Q CELLS, SMA, SolaX, Solis and Solectria. The APsmart PVRSS solution offers a more reliable, flexible, safe, and cost-effective solution for both residential, commercial and utility systems.

For a list of compatible inverters with APsmart Rapid Shutdown Devices, please refer to the “Inverters compatibilities” page on the APsmart website.