The APsmart RSD System is a SunSpec Alliance Certified [paired] device which maintains constant communication between the RSD-S-PLC and Transmitter-PLC, constantly monitoring voltage and current. When proper voltage is not detected the Transmitter-PLC stops sending the keep-alive signal to the RSD-S-PLC device, initiating module-level rapid shutdown sequence.

APsmart raises the bar in innovative DC MLPE solar power systems.

Why APsmart Technology

From the developers at APsystems, APsmart offers state-of-the-art PV module rapid shutdown devices (RSD-S-PLC), ideal for any new or existing string or central inverter system, and meeting U.S. NEC 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements. Leveraging APsystems’ proven expertise in module-level power electronics, APsmart solutions are powered by ASIC with internal IP and integrated with TI chips at the system-level application.

APsmart RSD-S-PLC – PV module rapid shutdown compliance solution.

  • Safe

    •  Meets NEC 2017 (690.12) requirements
    • Meets SunSpec interoperability specifications
  • Reliable

    •  Automatic  shutdown
    • AC breaker switched off, rapid shutdown enabled
  • Powerful

    • 15A Maximum Cont. Input Current (Imax)
    • 800W Maximum Input Power
  • Easy Install

    • Small and light, adhesive or rack fixing  optional
    • Bi-facial module, split J-box application

    See our installation video below.

APsmart Transmitter-PLC

  • Safe

    • Meets NEC 2017 (690.12) requirements
    • Meets SunSpec requirements
  • Reliable

    • Transmitter-PLC provides heartbeat signal to RSD-S-PLC. Signal stops when AC power is absent
  • Convenient Options

    • Optional outdoor enclosure
    • Available as plug-in PCBA
    • Equipped with single/dual core
    • Optional 85-264VAC power supply
    • Optional 180-550VAC power supply

The APsmart Rapid Shutdown System Transmitter-PLC is part of a rapid shutdown solution when paired with RSD-S-PLC, a PV module rapid shutdown unit.

Easy Installation

APsmart RSD-S-PLC Installation Video

APsmart RSD & Transmitter Product Introduction Video

APsmart Transmitter-PLC Outdoor Kit installation


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Global Management

The APsmart team brings extensive experience as industry leaders in solar, semiconductor and telecom technologies. Our Executive Committee members hold advanced degrees in business and engineering from prestigious institutions including the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California LA, TsingHua University, and Ivey School of Business, London.

Dr. Zhi-Min Ling

Dr. Zhi-Min Ling

Co-founder; President & CEO, Global; Chairman, Global Executive Committee

Dr. Ling is responsible for management of the global business, financial operations and strategy. Dr. Ling’s career has been in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. He has served in executive positions at AMD, Xilinx, and Solaria Corporation. He graduated from Fudan University, earning a Ph.D. from the University of Leuven (Belgium), and did post-doctoral work at the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Yuhao Luo

Dr. Yuhao Luo

Co-founder; CTO & Vice President, Global; Member, Global Executive Committee

Dr. Luo is responsible for product development, the technology roadmap and Global engineering. Dr. Luo has extensive R&D experience in the Semiconductor and PV solar industries. He served at Xilinx, and was director of Product development for Solaria Corporation. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Olivier Jacques

Olivier Jacques

President, Global executive VP Member, Global Executive Committee

Olivier is responsible for all Business Units, including strategic sales & marketing, services, administration and full P&Ls. He also serves on the Global Executive Committee. Olivier boasts more than 25 years of experience in industrial, automation, energy and high-tech industries. Prior to joining APsystems in October 2015, he served as Managing Director, EMEA for Enphase Energy as well as several senior executive positions at international companies including Norgren (IMI group), Danfoss Drives, Samsung Electronics and Schlumberger. He holds Thermal engineering degree and Business Masters from one of the Top Business school, ESCP Europe (Paris) and a finance degrees from HEC (Paris)

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