Good News! APsmart RSD Devices Now TUV Certified

The newly launched APsmart MLPE DC Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD) has recently been approved by TUV Rheinland, adding further safety standard certification to the RSD product line.

APsmart’s RSD System is already CSA and SunSpec Alliance Certified, and the addition of the TUV Rheinland certification further emphasizes the robust safety and quality of the RSD product. The fully-compliant RSD devices will be shipping soon to markets worldwide.

The APsmart RSD device offers built-in safety, reliable technology, and is an ideal rapid shutdown compliance solution. The APsmart RSD System maintains constant communication between the RSD and the Transmitter, constantly monitoring voltage and current. When proper voltage is not detected, the Transmitter stops sending the keep-alive signal to the RSD-S-PLC device, immediately initiating the module-level rapid shutdown sequence.