CPS Webinar Promotes Benefits of APsmart Rapid Shutdown Solutions: Elegant, Simple, Cost-effective

On March 26th, CPS America, the leading commercial inverter supplier in the U.S., hosted an in-depth webinar on the evolution of Rapid Shutdown (RSD) requirements, and detailing the RSD solutions, in particular, APsmart’s Rapid Shutdown Solution which has already been both lab & field tested and commercially installed.

APsmart and CPS have established a long-term partnership to promote this innovative new solution for module-level Rapid Shutdown to meet and exceed NEC 2017 standards.

APsmart is the best choice among available RSD solutions:

-Simple: the APsmart RSD solution is simple to install and easy to use. It not only fulfills the NEC code requirement, but is already in the field with proven compatibility with CPS.

-Flexible: The APsmart RSD-S-PLC is flexible enough for install on multiple locations on PV modules, especially with Bifacial. With its clever clip-on design, there’s no need to drill into the frame, and it’s easy to install & replace if needed.

-Reliable: APsmart RSD solutions focus solely on the RSD function, meaning fewer electronics in the system and greater reliability in the field compared with 1:2 and 1:4 monitoring designs.

APsmart’s RSD System offers built-in safety, reliable technology, and is already CSA, TUV and SunSpec Alliance certified, emphasizing the robust safety and quality of the RSD product. The APsmart RSD has already been shipped and installed in multiple projects around the world, and is ready for application to your next project.